Pädaste Manor | Pädaste Manor, a small luxury retreat & SPA Healing Hot Spring -

Healing Hot Spring

Bask in the Enchantment of the Solar-energy Healing Hot Spring


Nestled within the embrace of the spa lies the Solar-Powered Healing Hot Spring, a haven where the sun’s energy breathes life into an ancient wellness tradition.


Envision a small pool, gently cradled in the heart of Pädaste’s pristine park, harnessing the radiant power of the sun to infuse our healing waters with warmth and vitality. The water, maintained at a blissful 38°C, invites you to immerse yourself in its rejuvenating embrace.


This spring water, drawn from our deep well, is a testament to purity, enriched with minerals that invigorate and restore. Here, no harmful chlorine disrupts nature’s balance; instead, the water is delicately cleansed using natural sea salt, further enriched with minerals, and purified by a special frequency light, a truly unique concept in Estonia.


As sunlight dances upon the surface, it catalyzes a metamorphosis within the waters, transforming them into a natural elixir, brimming with revitalizing energy. Immerse yourself in these rejuvenating waters, feeling the subtle embrace of nature’s healing touch.


Enrich your being, and evoke a sense of profound relaxation, and revitalization. It’s a tranquil retreat, an opportunity to embrace serenity amidst the harmonious interplay of sunlight and pristine spring waters.