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In-room entertainment

Our guests are presented with a personal in-room IPad upon check-in for their enjoyment. It speaks for itself that all rooms and suites at Pädaste Manor are equipped with satellite TV and complimentary WiFi.


2595722718_ea48c0cf70_mYour In-room IPad controls the Sonos audio system in your room, which provides access to more than 20 000 music titles from our library and to any internet radio station of your choice. With three moves of your fingertips you can create your own play list and set the mood for your very own In-room- entertainment. Insert a Bluray disc into the concealed PS-3 player and enjoy a true High Definition movie experience in the privacy of your room.


The rooms and suites in the Manor House offer the ‘non plus ultra’ in In-room-entertainment with all equipment concealed:
Smartly hidden from view, a 32 inch Sony Brava HD TV appears at the touch of a button.All rooms and suites in the Manor House are fitted with a Bose acoustimass sound system, widely known to be top of the range equipment and providing a truly amazing sound quality.


We have concealed all this state of the art technology from view, because we do not want our guests to be distracted from the extraordinary and simple beauty of Muhu Island, after all these are unique wonders to enjoy during a stay at Pädaste Manor. However – it’s all there for you to enjoy whenever you please. Should you choose to forego our in room entertainment system altogether, you may leave us without knowing that it was at your fingertips all along. Simple Luxury – Pädaste style.