Limousine transfer

The most convenient way to reach Pädaste Manor is by limousine transfer.


Private limousine transfer. Our chauffeur will meet you at the airport or in the city. Please provide your flight/ferry details. Your driver will be fully available to attend to your needs during your trip; not only will he help you with your luggage but his knowledge about the history and culture of Estonia will make for an excellent host while you are travelling to Muhu Island.


The limousine transfer can also be ordered from or to your hotel in Tallinn or Riga.


Fares from or to Tallinn:

  • Mercedes limousine 307 € one way
  • Mercedes minibus 427 € one way


Fares from or to Riga:

  • Mercedes limousine 540 € one way
  • Mercedes minibus 590 € one way


Our limousine seats up to 3 guests, the comfortable minibus seats 7 guests. The transfer fare includes the ferry passage to Muhu Island.