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Emerald isles

By Sergey Chernov, St. Petersburg Times
Published: Jun 27, 2007

Estonia’s coastal islands are an undiscovered gem offering rest and relaxation.

……Now joined to Saaremaa by a land bridge, Muhu is a much smaller island, yet it clings to its identity. It is home of Koguva, Estonia’s best-preserved fishing village, with all its buildings (dating to the 18th or 19th century) under historical protection. The stone walls that surround the houses are more than 200 years old, but the beginnings of the village reportedly date from the 16th century. It is still populated. Pädaste Manor, a restored 19th century manor (though its earlier history goes back to the 16th century, according to the guides), is a major point on the map for Europe’s upscale tourists. The luxury hotel, with gourmet restaurants and spa facilities, is located in a bay, surrounded by Muhu’s splendid forests. Modern-day spa facilities are complement by traditional procedures such as the barrel bath. A massive water-filled barrel is set up on a bay and heated by an adjusted firewood heater and up to four to six people sit inside enjoying the sea breeze….

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