Island tours

Muhu Island is an unspoiled treasure. The dolomite cliff and caves on the northern shore, the 13th century St. Catharine’s Church and the old Koguva fishing village are all worth a visit during your stay. Discovery of the Island with one of our local guides is highly recommended. You will go to places that might have otherwise escaped your attention. Our guides are multilingual and love to make your trip an individual experience.

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Places of interest on Muhu

  • St. Catharine’ s gothic style fort-church
  • Koguva Fishing village
  • 12th century Muhu stronghold
  • Ancient burial site at Mäla, 2500 BC
  • Üügu bank cliffs and caves
  • Juniper forest
  • Laasu ostrich farm

Places of interest on Saaremaa, the connected sister island

  • Pöide fortress church
  • Kaali meteorite crater
  • Kuressaare castle and town