Pädaste Manor’s opening weekend

Pädaste Manor opens the Season 
with wonderful news and attractive offers

Opening weekend 18 – 20 March 2016


After our customary winter break we are all set to welcome our guests

back to a fabulous Muhu Island. Spring is budding and the sun gains

steadily upper hand.


At Pädaste we delight to welcome you back. You’ll find many familiar

faces who are the trusted soul of Pädaste Manor and make your stay so

truly special.


But there is also fantastic news from our kitchen with Chef de Cuisine Matthias Diether who

recently joined us. Matthias Diether passionately worked at a fabulous new menu for Alexander Restaurant, building forth on the tradition of our Nordic Islands’ Cuisine.


Alexander Restaurant was recently awarded the prestigious title International Masterclass by the Nordic White Guide as one of the top 30 Restaurants in the Nordic countries.

Together with Horticulturist Anna-Liisa Piiroja and others in his talented team, Diether is excited to bring the cuisine at Alexander to an even higher level.

Clients that had the possibility in the past month to enjoy his menu at Restaurant Neh

in Tallinn, will probably agree. Something truly special is cooking in our kitchen…


Islands’ Degustation Men


Walk the nature trails along the shore, go out for a horse back ride or enjoy the pure wellness of Pädaste Spa. Pädaste is joyful in spring!