Adrian Klonowski

Adrian Klonowski is a young and distinguished chef of Polish nationality, lately Chef de Cuisine at Metamorfoza Restaurant in Gdańsk, one of Poland’s best restaurants.



Adrian combines a profound curiosity and passion for terroir rooted in his love for purity of ingredients and simplicity of dishes stemming from his experience with Japanese cuisine. He enjoys being dependent on nature and works only on raw produce, as he likes to determine every component of his dish from start to finish using all elements of a single product, not only the finest cuts and pieces. The Nordic influence is clearly visible in Adrian’s style of cooking and preserving food.


Innovative and unconventional in his approach; familiar with the Baltic seaside terroir, Adrian is excited to further himself and the team at Pädaste Manor in the pursuit of the Nordic Islands’ Cuisine.


With Adrian Klonowski Pädaste Manor continues its tradition to surprise and challenge gastronomy in Estonia. In Adrian we present a talented Chef de Cuisine who without doubt will add to the DNA so eloquently woven throughout the past decades by his predecessors Peeter Pihel, Yves Le Lay and Matthias Diether.


By marrying a very local cuisine with ambitious young foreign talent again, we intend to lift the culinary scene up a notch.


Together with our team, including a horticulturist who takes care of foraging in the woods, fields and meadows of the Estate, Adrian Klonowski takes responsibility for the further development of Alexander Restaurant and its culinary experiences, but also the beautiful moments during the morning breakfast and the culinary joys during the day at the Pädaste.


We invite you to enjoy Adrian Klonowski’s very personal culinary signature!


Adrian Klonowski about himself


‘In my belief, individualism should never prevail in the restaurant. With the help and input of the entire team, together we will try to best represent the true character of Pädaste Manor, using the uniqueness of the place we are at, respecting the unpredictability of the season. In the kitchen we will show a particular product with its perks and defects, respect its texture & taste, and show its natural character. There is beauty in imperfection and it feels right to pay this respect to nature, forming a sense of connection. Therefore we will build our service and menu around elements, which strongly refer to the Nordic Islands culture, traditions and customs.’



Peeter Pihel, former Chef de Cuisine of Pädaste Manor and Head Chef of the
Estonian EU Presidency, about Adrian 


“I am very excited for Adrian Klonowski to take the helm at Alexander Restaurant. Adrian’s career shows a passionate respect for things local, with so much more to explore in the Nordic Islands’ Cuisine. I look forward to many interesting surprises.”



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